37 Seconds lets you connect with new leads in less than a minute

350% increase in conversion rates


Connect to your new leads wherever you are

Route calls to your mobile or office line

Don’t worry about taking notes

Your calls are automatically recorded

Click-To-Call your leads and contacts from within Salesforce

Easily connect with all your Salesforce new leads, or existing contacts

Want more features? Here you go...

-   Setup contact number of choice in your profile
-   37 Seconds reads out lead info to you before connecting you with the lead
-   Auto-connect or defer the call after listening to lead information
-   Store call recording and call log details – call time, cost per call, call duration, caller, callee, recording url
-   Adds click-to-call link to all leads, contacts, and accounts in Salesforce

  • $4.99 /user/month

    (annual billing)

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