A Happy Team Makes Happy Customers

Our Story

Founded in 2006 by Siva Devaki, Mansa Systems was named after his daughter, and just like his daughter, Mansa has grown over the years. Starting off working with SMB, Mansa has progressed over the years to specialize in various verticals and sectors, and grown into a full service, end to end IT company.

Why We're Different

We're not different... we're just really, really good at what we do.


Siva Devaki

Founder and CEO. Siva left Oracle in 2006 to found Mansa Systems. Siva continues to be the visionary and driving force in Mansa's stellar growth over the years. He continues to push the company to new heights.

Arti Devaki

Co-founder of Mansa Systems. Arti supports Mansa Systems being an advisor and plays a vital role in the growth of the company. Arti continues in her own career as a successful Real Estate Agent in the Bay Area.

Madison Cloutier

Senior Sales Executive. Madison has been with Mansa since 2008 and continues to excel in leading the sales, account management, and strategy. Madison is both a Sales Executive and part of the strategy team.

Daniel Sisson

Marketing and Business Development Director. Daniel is the creative talent behind Mansa's recent moves. Helping brand, re-brand and position Mansa for more growth through all customer and partner channels.


San Francisco, California (HQ)
Gurgaon, India (Offshore)

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