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Ways Salesforce Communities Work Perfectly for Insurance Companies

December 22nd, 2013 | by

The days when insurance salesmen would go door to door to maintain good relations with their customers (and win over potential new ones) have gone the way of the VCR (and cassette tape, and home phone, and MySpace, too.)  Let’s face it, the ever evolving cloud technology of today–and the rise of social media–have changed the way business is done worldwide. Insurance is no different. In fact, selling insurance successfully today takes more than just good talk and a personal handshake. It takes giving customers the latest high-tech advantages and providing customer service and convenience like they’ve never experienced before. Ever hear of Salesforce communities?

Salesforce communities put the cloud to work for you Read more »

Salesforce to Encompass 360 Integration

December 12th, 2013 | by

More than 80,000 mortgage companies use Encompass360 to maximize their retail sales and minimize origination cost. In the same line, financial services companies use Salesforce to automate their marketing services.  Integrating Salesforce to Encompass360 enables companies to shorten the sales cycle, reduce costs and see real-time updates in Salesforce Chatter.

Integration enables a hassle-free lending process for everyone. With increased competition in the lending industry, financial services companies need to find ways to differentiate their offerings and close leads more efficiently to maximize revenues. Salesforce enhances operations by making transactions as fast, smooth and straightforward as possible. Read more »