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Salesforce Lightning – A new and better way to build Salesforce apps

December 19th, 2015 | by

One of biggest complaints of Salesforce users has been that the UI is clunky. As the web moved to responsive design, the Salesforce UI did not evolve as fast as it should have. This has pushed Salesforce to rethink the way their platform is designed, and the way apps are built on it. This move has led to the launch of Lightning, a new platform that Salesforce calls ‘The future of CRM”. Read more »

Your Salesforce instance should be as unique as your business

December 29th, 2013 | by

Every company is different. The business practices that keep a large organization thriving may not work for a small or medium-sized one. A doctor will have a completely different approach to managing their patients than a lawyer will to managing their clients. A thousand little details define the way you do business and make it unique from any other company. So if you use Customer Relationship Management applications, they should be adaptable to your specific needs. Fortunately, Salesforce recognizes the importance of personalization, which is why customizing Salesforce CRM for your business is easy and convenient. Read more »