Gain a single view of customers in Salesforce using Mansa’s Quick start package for Informatica cloud customer 360

One customer, multiple profiles:

Every customer is serviced by multiple teams within an organization - Marketing, Sales, Support, and Finance. If Salesforce is being used as the CRM solution in this company then all these teams rely on Salesforce. This results in data duplication, conflicts, overlaps, and inconsistent hierarchies, making the data in Salesforce unreliable. Fast-growing mid-market companies and large enterprises require not just a CRM system, but a single view of customers to make the data in the system more usable and effective.

Unify customer profiles with MDM:

Master Data Management (MDM) enables you to track customer activity end-to-end. It defines standards and policies that govern the way data is captured, and stored in your system. Today, Informatica Cloud Customer 360 has emerged as the leading cloud MDM solution. It gives you the following capabilities:

Data quality Data consolidation Hierarchy management
  • Cleanse
  • Standardize
  • De-dupe
  • Validate
  • Align data across enterprise
  • Multiple organizations, Salesforce instances, master & sub-org structure
  • Hierarchy management
  • Metadata structure
  • Multi-dimensional view of customers

While Informatica Cloud Customer 360 is the best MDM solution for Salesforce customers, you require an expert consultant to mastermind the project from the strategic level to execution. That’s what Mansa promises with our Quick start package for Informatica Cloud Customer 360.

Mansa’s Quick start package:

Mansa’s Quick start package is ideal for fast-growing mid-market companies and enterprises that want to enforce MDM principles to govern their data in Salesforce. With this package, a Salesforce Customer 360 (Cloud MDM) project is typically completed in 3 to 4 weeks, and involves the following steps:

1. Cleanse, standardize and identify duplicate accounts
2. Use professional expertise and best practices to implement an optimal cloud MDM for accounts
3. Enforce a data stewardship strategy that governs continued deployment phases

Once the cloud MDM solution is deployed, it will greatly improve data quality, and drive greater adoption of Salesforce. All this will show in an empowered workforce, and a tangible revenue increase for your organization.

Get in touch with us today to talk about how your organization can benefit from Mansa’s Quick start package for Informatica Cloud Customer 360.

"Mansa and their team made our transition to Salesforce extremely easy for our small business. Constant communication and organization allowed for smooth implementation. I would highly recommend Mansa to any company seeking a seamless transition. "
Rachael Hillman

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