Salesforce is the keystone solution for the needs of CPG and Retail companies

With Salesforce your company will see and increase in sales, increases in rep productivity, less dropped balls, and better customer service leading to more, happier customers. All of which leads to a bigger bottom line.

Salesforce in the CPG and Retail Space

Salesforce has multiple products for every front office function and the most robust integration capabilities to integrate to any back-office or financial systems. So whether it's marketing, finance, or shipping your employees will have all the info they need at their fingertips all the time, everywhere they go with their laptop, tablet, or phone.

Salesforce and you

In the retail and packaged goods space, your ERP system such as MS Dynamics, Oracle ERP, SAP, Sage, Quickbooks, or Netsuite can often be the backbone of your company as it manages your financials, inventory, shipping and more but you still need a CRM to better manage your relationships with people like suppliers, distributors, retail outlets, etc. That's where Salesforce shines as it can integrate cleanly to your back-office ERP. Imagine if your field reps had visibility into pertinent financial and shipping data while never leaving the leading CRM. Or imagine if your entire RMA process could be automated through Salesforce's workflow capabilities.

In addition to the CRM and integration capabilities of Salesforce, the Salesforce Service Cloud allows your customer service reps to deliver amazing service from wherever your customers are, including social media integration or through a Salesforce Customer Community where your customers can get help from you or each other. Salesforce's Service Cloud and Customer Communities are all on the same platform so you can use the powerful Salesforce reporting engine to create reports that guide your customer service strategy.

Salesforce can bridge the brick-and-mortar and online worlds. For example, you may have both physical retail stores with POS systems and also sell via the internet and an eCommerce platform. You could have both of these connected to your CRM to give you maximum insight into customer purchasing habits.


With all your data flowing into Salesforce you can leverage Salesforce's best-in-class reporting abilities to:

  • help your team discover trends
  • analyze your business so you can better predict customer buying cycles
  • better target your promotions
  • or cut expenses on manufacturing

If you're looking to make your first move to the cloud with Salesforce CRM, or to integrate a system, or even if you're a cloud and Salesforce veteran and know you want a custom process automated on the platform, Mansa is here to help.
We specialize in helping retail and consumer companies with their technology needs, and we know the Salesforce suite inside and out so let's talk today and get rolling on your project.

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