Eliminate mass email limitations in Salesforce

No 250 batch limit. No 1000 daily limit.

"Easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain. So far I only receive positive feedback about the app from our users. Suggestions and ideas sent to support have been implemented almost instantly. It is a brilliant app and a great support team to work with. I can only recommend this app. Keep up the good work!"
Christian Fritz, mBlox

"My firm uses this program in conjunction with Salesforce, with a great deal of customization and uniqueness. Recently, we experienced a major glitch that was instantly handled by the support team. They went above and beyond, working into the evening to solve our email issues before the next business day."
Dan Schou, Source Medical


Simple, easy mass email wizard

The simplest, easiest, and fastest way to send mass emails from within Salesforce

   -  Select a view of any size - No 250 per batch limit

   -  Select any of your email templates, or write your own

   -  Choose to send now or schedule for later

                    Demo Video

Track opens and clicks

Target your most engaged readers

Optimize your emails

Keep track of which email templates perform better and optimize your emailing

Use MassMailer with Campaigns

Send mass email to your campaign members with no limitations

   -  Select any of your email templates, or write your own

   -  Choose to send now or schedule for later

                    Demo Video

Mass Stay-In-Touch emails

Send mass stay-in-touch emails with no limitations

                    Demo Video


SendGrid account required as we use SendGrid for mass emailing.

  Sign up for SendGrid FREE trial during MassMailer trial period

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  ( Supports Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance editions, Salesforce Communities, force.com Platform edition )

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"Mass Mailer was easier to use and did not have the limitations we have when e-mailing directly out of SalesForce. The directions were easy to follow and we had instant results! The e-mail preview is a great feature. Thank you!!"- Tamra Schneider