Get the most out of your Salesforce Investment by integrating with your back-office systems

Salesforce CRM by itself is a fantastic tool for businesses, and implementing Salesforce will net you substantial benefits, but implementing Salesforce and integrating it with your other back-office systems will give you the most out of your system.

Only when you have systems synced and integrated do you begin to truly get a complete view of your business forecasts, pipeline, customers, and more.

What's Your Data Management Challenge?
  • Do you maintain customer data in more than one system and can't seem to effectively manage them?
  • Are you not currently linking your sales team's information in Salesforce with your existing order processing system?
  • Do you have trouble referencing invoices with customer records in Salesforce ?

There are many data challenges like these that you could be facing, but they all have a simple solution.

You need to integrate Salesforce!

Integrating Salesforce with your other systems always provides a 1+1=3 reward.

You're convinced you need to integrate but where do you begin?

You need a partner with the skills, experience, and a proven track record to handle the intricacies of integration.

That's where we come in. We're integration experts. In fact, it's one of our core competencies.

In only a matter of days, we can migrate your data to Salesforce and synchronize accounts, contacts, products, and custom objects.

What does an integration solution with Mansa Systems look like?
  • Rapid integration in weeks
  • Integration flexibility - easy to manage integration operations
  • Endless integration points like Oracle Apps, SAP, MS Dynamics, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and more
Let's get you integrated!

What are the first few steps in evaluating an integration, well we usually start with a project kickoff meeting with a detailed project plan and then we go from there. But first, let's talk and find out what your goals are and what systems you are trying to integrate.

" Mansa was recommended to my firm for our Salesforce implementation so that we could integrate with Advent. It was a huge project and we counted on their guidance through the whole thing. Not only were they knowledgeable and experienced in this, but it has become the perfect working system for our sales team. They really are experts at what they do! "
Emily Burt, Vice President, Cardinal

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