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Why you need a partner to manage Salesforce

You may have implemented Salesforce long ago, but over time it’s become stagnant. Or, you may be implementing Salesforce for the first time, and don’t want to make any costly mistakes. For a Salesforce implementation to be effective, it needs to constantly evolve with your business objectives. Here are some signs of a healthy Salesforce system:

  • You can easily customize Salesforce to align with your new goals when they change
  • Salesforce has high adoption by your Sales team
  • It has a positive impact on revenue, and you have a way to track this
  • It is well integrated with other internal systems like ERP
  • You have a change management strategy to help drive adoption of Salesforce

If you’ve tried on your own with little success, you should consider partnering with a consultant to manage Salesforce for you. An experienced partner would greatly mitigate the risk of your CRM system becoming outdated. Your IT and Sales teams get freed up to spend their time on more business-critical tasks than firefighting CRM issues.

What kind of partner you need to manage Salesforce

Not just any Salesforce consultancy, you need a partner with deep experience implementing, and integrating Salesforce within organizations. One who can suggest creative solutions to problems that crop up along the way. One who can set challenging SLAs and deliver on them every time.

Mansa Systems is a Salesforce premium partner with more than 10 years experience moving organizations to the sales cloud. With integrations that span every possible platform in the industry, you can be assured Mansa knows the best way to set up your CRM system for success.

Mansa’s approach to Salesforce management:

When you choose Mansa as your partner to manage Salesforce, we transform your CRM management in the following ways:

Program management (Strategic)

  • Define usage policies for different types of users
  • Integrate CRM with other platforms like ERP
  • Conduct specialized training for personnel
  • Define clear SLAs
  • Provide onshore or offshore support as required

Project management (Tactical)

  • Customize Salesforce to align with your business objectives
  • Manage data (load from legacy systems, cleanse and de-dupe)
  • Create templates for advanced reports & dashboards

Process improvement (Execution)

  • Resolve day-to-day issues
  • Enhance collaboration between team members

If you’d like to talk with us about Salesforce managed services for your organization, get in touch today.

"Mansa and their team made our transition to Salesforce extremely easy for our small business. Constant communication and organization allowed for smooth implementation. I would highly recommend Mansa to any company seeking a seamless transition. "
Rachael Hillman

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