Ensure the highest level of user adoption to maximize your Salesforce investment

Poor planning, insufficient training, and incomplete executive buy in lead to low user adoption and insufficient ROI on your Salesforce investment.

Let's take a look at a few key factors

1. Executive buy in
When initiating a new system it is of the utmost importance to have complete executive buy in, both on the importance of using Salesforce and the benefits to be gained if everyone uses it.

2. Design & Configuration
To gain higher adoption rates you need to have comfortable, happy users. Customization can help. There are three ways to design and configure Salesforce to your companies specific needs:

  • Do it yourself
  • Engage with our Customization Services
  • Install a suitable solution from the appexchange (www.appexchange.com)

3. User Acceptance Testing
UAT is conducted to verify that right solution is being built, also at the same time it ensures that business processes are a part of the solution.

4. Training
Training is the key to any successful CRM implementation even for smaller businesses.

5. Measurement
Once the system has been built & users trained it is advisable to set up some reports & dashboards to measure user adoption levels.

6. Manage Reporting
Another way to gain user adoption is to meet with each Sales team manager and show them how to run Sales meetings through Salesforce.

7. Commission & Incentives
One of the best ways to gain high user adoption levels is to pay commission to Sales Users based on the value of the closed won opportunities in Salesforce. Customize Approval processes & insert avoid misuse & verify each opportunity.

8. Enhancements
Another great thing about Salesforce.com CRM is their quarterly release cycle, where new functionality is added to the product without any additional cost. It's worth publicizing internally to all users to create awareness & train them if required. More functional Apps can be developed as per the institutional requirement of the client.

If you need 100% User Adoption then let's talk. We can help your company make the most of your Salesforce investment.

"Mansa systems delivered successful implementation with 100% adoption "
Monali Jain, Paypal

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