Auto sync your GoToWebinar data with Salesforce

Eliminate the manual work of exporting and importing your GoToWebinar data and increase productivity


Save time by auto syncing GoToWebinar data to Salesforce

No more manual effort of importing and exporting GoToWebinar data. Click to sync on-demand, or schedule daily or hourly syncing.

Increase productivity by aligning your marketing and sales efforts

Your sales team wants hot, new leads and you want to be a marketing champion and increase the bottom line. Webinar2Lead brings harmony between Sales and Marketing by auto delivering your new webinar leads to Salesforce.

Know which webinars are generating leads and sales

Having GoToWebinar statistics in Salesforce gives you an extra layer of insight into which of your webinars are generating the most leads and leading to the most sales. With Webinar2Lead you can have all the vital statistics in front of you to continuously optimize your webinar marketing.


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" Webinar2Lead will tremendously increase the productivity of GoToWebinar."